About us

Here's a little about Cheshire Bunny Bakes!


We've owned bunnies since childhood, but one of the struggles we often came across was finding treats that were safe and healthy in pet shops - they were almost non-existent!

We decided to start making our own homemade treats that were completely healthy and made with only natural ingredients and no nasties like the shop bought ones. We tailor made them to suit each of our bunnies as they all have very different likes and dislikes with one or two being extremely fussy! The bunnies couldn't resist them! 

So in early 2021, we started sharing our bakes on our social media platforms to all our bunny friends and followers and soon after became Cheshire Bunny Bakes!

We are so pleased that we can offer our products to your pets to enjoy. The best part is because they are 100% natural & healthy your bunny can be fed a treat a day - the perfect combination for spoilt buns like ours!

Enjoy exploring the website and thank you for supporting a small business.